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On account of its healthy air and the serene life lead there, Bagnaia was chosen as bishops' summer residence.
In the Thirteenth century, a few projects for the village upgrading were undertaken, but the most significant changes were made in the Sixteenth century, when the first buildings were made in the park, where popes and cardinals went hunting.
The apex of splendour was reached in 1566, when the village was given to cardinal Giovanni Francesco Gambara, who created the splendid villa.
He ordered the numberless water plays, spurting from the mountains and getting to the wonderful gardens, and called the most illustrious artists of the time to decorate the Villa's halls, like Zuccari, Raffaellino da Reggio, Tempesta and Lombardelli.
Later on, the Villa was owned by several cardinals, among whom duke Ippolito Lante, who gave it its present name.

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Viterbo monuments.
Terme Salus: Viterbo.
Parco dei Mostri: Bomarzo.
Castello Orsini: Soriano nel Cimino.

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