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Hotel of Charme Le Terre del Verde

Gualdo Tadino, Perugia - Umbria - Italy

Nestled in a 430-hectare farm in the very heart of Umbria, between the communes of Gualdo Tadino, Gubbio and Valfabbrica is the "Borgo Hotel Le Terre del Verde", a group of buildings dating from the eleventh century, now restored and a new reference point for tourism in Umbria.
In the suggestive settings of the uncontaminated nature in Badia Val di Rasina, yhe hotel at present has 30 rooms in two cottages, equipped with all comforts and elegantly furnished in full respect of the great historical value this location boasts.
The pride of the complex is the "La Muccheria" restaurant, also expertly restored. In the dining rooms laid out on two floors, guests can enjoy the best cooking of the Umbria tradition, prepared from their own genuine organic high-quality farm produce.
For banquets and special events, there is a 400 square metre marquee sorrounded by greenery and streams, able to hold up to 350 people.

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Castle, tower and farmhouses - 20 buildings altogether: you can feel their historical past still alive, like in the hamlet of Badia, which originated from the abbey founded by the prioress Armigalda in the 11th century and later developed around the tower built in the 15th century; or in the medieval churches of San Pietro and Sant' Anna, this one small and very ruined but most precious to the inhabitants of the place. The Castle of Frecco, built on the top of a 650 metre high hill, dominates the whole valley.
Now these treasures are revealed to you, transformed into comfortable residences where you can spend a healthy and thoughtless holiday. Hospitality is very important here, it is an art the inhabitants have handed over for centuries and a tradition of which they are very proud. The Terre del Verde: a cure for the body and the soul.
In the Terre del Verde everything is an invitation to relax. The guests will spend their time in very finely furnished rooms and/or cottages and they will taste the genuine, delicious products of the land; they will be able to practise a variety of outdoor sports, like tennis, trekking, horseriding, bowshot and swimming, and to recover from stress in the centre of agrobiomedical comfort located in the Castle of Frecco.
Modern halls equipped with highly technological instruments are available for meetings, conventions and seminars. Videoconferences will also be possible. The church of San Pietro is perfect for anyone who may want to celebrate an unforgettable wedding ceremony there.

Borgo Hotel Le Terre del Verde
Loc. Badia Val di Rasina
06023 - Gualdo Tadino -
Perugia - Umbria - Italy
Tel.: +39 075 910701 - Fax: +39 075 91070517

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