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Charming Hotel Sant'Anselmo

Roma, Lazio - Italy

On the square with the same name, looking on the famous benedictine convent, is placed the villa of the 19. Century, in which is accomodated the Hotel S. Anselmo.
An atmosphere of other times floats and characterize this wonderful Hotel, where you can sleep absolut calm and peaceful and wake up with singing birds, balconies full of flowers and a wonderful garden with a scent of orange blossoms.

The Aventine hill, in which neighbourhood we find some of the most significant monuments of the ancient imperial Rome such as the Colosseum, the Circus Maximus, the Caracalla Thermes and the Forum Romanum, was since the antiquity, home of sumptous villas and temples, like the temples dedicated to CERERE, DIANA and MINERVA.
On the Aventine you can find also numerous christian churches like S. Sabina, S. Prisca, S. Anselmo and S. Alessio. In this magnificent frame is also located the "garden of roses" (roseto), that offers an explosion of colours in springtime. The Aventine hill has its unique atmosphere in Rome, where it seems, that the time stands still, even if the historical and commercial centre of the city is near. Another important place of the hill is the "Parco degli aranci" (orange garden), a romantic terrace on the river, that offers a wonderful view of the eternal City. In this suggestive scenery is located the AVENTINO S. ANSELMO HOTELS, composed of 4 residential villas.
The transformation in to hotels has not destroyed the charm and finesse and fits perfect with the architecture of the Aventine.

Charming Hotel Sant'Anselmo

P.zza S. Anselmo, 2 - Rome - Italy
tel +39.06.5745174 - +39.06.5743547
fax +39.06.5783604

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