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Colle Val d'Elsa, Siena - Toscana - Italia


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Renaissance building, obtained by Cardinal Giuliano della Rovere from the ancient Benedictine Abbey built in the XI century. A decorative two-storey building in a beautiful position facing the panoramic view of Colle Bassa and Colle Alta, with the della Rovere coat of arms on the facade.

The first mention of the structure is in documents dating back to the early XI century, when the territory upon which it is built belonged to the Bishop of Volterra, feudatory of the Holy Roman Empire. Initially it was a prosperous abbey when, at the end of the 1400's Cardinal Giuliano Della Rovere, later to become Pope Giulio II, added a house for himself and subsequent bishops, which remained in possession of the church for over 400 years.

Between 1998 and 1999 the entire complex was restored to its original splendour to create an elegant hotel. The restoration work, carried out by experts, has brought to the light elements and structures which had been long forgotten, recreating the building's original harmony. Made strong by the experience in the field of hospitality gained in other historical buildings in the province of Siena, we opened the doors of Relais Della Rovere with the aim of providing a increasingly demanding clientele a level of service fitting of Italian hospitality.

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The most important story for the complex of Badia di San Salvatore at Spugna, now that it has been renovated and converted into "Relais", concerns its most illustrious inhabitant, he who commissioned the building of the Renaissance Villa by the Convent, Cardinal Giuliano della Rovere. 

The della Rovere heraldic shields present in the building, embellished by the cardinal and papal insignia, bear witness to the refurbishment operation, which radically transforms the original, austere figure. 
We have called the new complex Relais della Rovere in memory of Pope Giulio II.

30 rooms, including luxury and junior suites, furnished in the style of the surroundings and equipped with all modern comforts, silent and elegant, with prestigious colours and furnishings. A large park with a pool, a cloister inside the main nucleus of Relais where you can have an aperitif in complete peace, a congress centre with the most modern equipment and a restaurant created in the ancient halls invite our clientele to sample the flavours of Tuscany.
These are all guarantees that your stay will be enjoyable and unforgettable.

Hotel di charme Relais Della Rovere

Loc. La Badia / Colle di Val d'Elsa
53034 Siena - Tuscany - Italy
Tel. (+39) 0577 924696  -  Fax: (+39) 0577 924489


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