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Caprarola Tourism - VITERBO

Veduta del pentagono e della via dritta
The first settlement dates back to the XI century, but the village reached the apex of splendour when cardinal Alessandro Farnese, who was later to become pope Paul III, bought the area to build a fortress there. The building started in 1530, but was accomplished by the pope's nephew, cardinal Alessandro Juniore, in 1589.

Paolo III Pope
Caprarola is also famous for the great production of hazelnuts, that are the main ingredients for cooking traditional cakes, called tozzetti, amaretti and pampepati, also sold during a spectacular festival.
Vico Lake Natural Reserve was established in 1982, exclusively run by the Municipality of Caprarola.

Among the monuments worth seeing, we recommend:

Church of S. Teresa, XVI cent.
Church of S. Teresa,
XVI cent., housing outstanding works of art, including a canvas by Guido Reni and the portrait of Odoardo Farnese.
Church of S. Rocco,
XVI cent., still keeps the original high altar, the side stuccoed altars and a peculiar, decorated coffered ceiling.
Church of S. Maria:
XII cent., with apse set into the unfinished donjon of Di Vico castle; after being destroyed by a fire, it was rebuilt in 1870.
Church of S. Maria della Consolazione: ordered by the Farnese family in the XVI cent., it boasts a magnificent wood door, completely carved. This church also keeps outstanding works, like a XI cent. effigy of Virgin Mary, a high altar in cut and decorated wood and a wonderful, gold-decorated coffered ceiling.
For visits, apply to tourists' office, tel. ++39-761-646157.
Palazzo Riario: XIV cent.
Palazzo Farnese's Stables: it is an imposing building planned by Vignola in XVI cent.

Palazzo Farnese XVI cent.
Palazzo Farnese XVI sec.:
with the construction of this grand building, partly by Sangallo and accomplished by Vignola, made in 27 years only, started a process of upgrading to adjust the village to the architectural needs of the palace, by the construction of bridges and of an unusual straightforward street that crosses the town, starting from the extremity up to the palace square.
The most illustrious artists of the time worked at it, like Taddeo and Federico Zuccari, Giovanni de Vecchi, Giacomo Bertoja, Raffaellino da Reggio, and others.

For guide tours Phone: +39-761-645404.

Natural Reserve of Lake Vico
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Provincia di Viterbo
Comune di Caprarola

Comune di Caprarola
Via F. Nicolai
Tel. 0761 64901

Ufficio Riserva Naturale
Lago di Vico
Tel. 0761 - 647444
Carabinieri: Tel. 0761- 646042
Pronto Soccorso di Ronciglione: Tel. 0761- 625375

Ufficio Turistico
Tel. 0761- 646157

Club Naviga e Galoppa: equitazione, escursioni a piedi o a cavallo, corsi di vela, mountain bike.

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