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Apartment for rent or Bed & Breakfast
Villaggio Punta del Lago

Lake Vico, Rongiglione - Viterbo - Lazio - Italy

Apartment for vacations, Vico's Lake, 40 km from Rome

Cimini's Hills are located in the centre of the Tuscia Viterbese and extend up to 1000 m.
The paths that lead into the picturesque woods offer a wonderful opportunity for hiking and riding horses, with a direct contact with a nature still unspoiled.
The pure waters of the Vico's Lake fill the volcanic crater that mythology says was created by Hercules'Club.
The shores Vico's Lake offers an amazing image of wilderness and impressing solitude. Motorboats are forbidden, therefore the lake is totally dedicated to swimming and fishing, but also surfing, sailing, canoeing and the dragon-boat.
Our guestes can benefit from a superb swimming-pool, a good variety of sport activities (swimming courses, acqua-gym, aerobics, funk, hip-hop, beach-volley) and support of our expert leisure staff. Younger guestes can enjoy the "mini-club".

In the restaurant, will welcome you with the most delicious and traditional recipes, and his special pizza cooked in a stone oven.
Our elegant apartments (1st class APT), two rooms and 4/5 beds, are placed in a efficiently organised area with a swimming-pool, tennis and football courts, a playroom and a ristorante-pizzeria.
Our apartments show a particular and refined taste, with grat attention to the furniture and all the details. The apartments each benefits from ensuite facilities.
The Punta del Lago Village is situated on the Via Francigena, also know as Romea, that was connecting Rome with Canterbury, is a classic itinerary, and used to be travelled by thousand of pilgrims leading to Rome.
The Pilgrimage to the sacred town had a devotional feature and had an enormusvalue for the Christian religion. Ronciglione and Vico's lake were the important stops for the pilgrims.

Bed & Breakfast Lodging or Flats for rent Villaggio Punta del Lago
Via dei Cerri snc - Ronciglione - Lake Vico
Viterbo - Lazio - Italy
Tel. Fax: 0761 612330
Cell.: 347 4249783

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