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A Casa di Picchio

Terni - Umbria - Italy

We discovered Castel de’ Fiori in the 70s and we were fascinated by this medieval village in the wooded hills of Umbria. At the time, a Roman architect was restoring the village and he succeeded in maintaining its historic and structural fabric. We bought a small cottage just outside the village.
Later we acquired this flat which we are happy to rent out of people wanting to spend their holidays in a quiet place untouched by package tours but close to the artistic attractions of Umbria and neighbouring Tuscany.

Piccio's House
The 70 sq.m flat is in an ancient building in the historic centre of the village close to the watch tower which dates back to the 1100s. The flat is fully equipped and has a living room with a fireploace, kitchen corner and double-bed/settee; a large bedroom; a bathroom and fitted wardrobes.
All the rooms have wooden beams and are furnished with antiques.
Short traditional cooking courses are available on request.

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Castel de’ Fiori has very ancient origens dating back to the 12th century. It was built on the site of a Roman “castrum” close to the Abbey of St Peter in Aqua Alta, the ruins of which can still be seen today. It was part of a chain of “castellieri” (watch towers) which defended the road to Rome.
On the hill opposite the village the remains of a Lombard burial site can be seen. Just a few miles away the Franciscan Convent “La Scarzuola” is well worth a visit together with the “Città Ideale” built in the grounds in the 50s by the architect Tomaso Buzi. Its splendid buildings have mysterious and esoteric meanings. (To book a tour, telephone Marco Solari on 0763.837463).
During the summer various cultural and gastronomic events are organized by the Association “Amici di Castel de’ Fiori” which also strives to conserve the pristine surroundings.


Vacation Home A Casa di Picchio
Via degli Arazzi 10,Castel di Fiori
Montegabbione 05010 Terni (UMBRIA)
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