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Farmhouse Il Melograno

Pianello - Perugia - Umbria - Italy

The Melograno is found in the middle of the most flourishing Umbrian nature and you can enjoy, therefore, all the following possibilities: excursions, visits, the freedom to have a look around or you can attempt to till the earth or look after cattle.
There are a lot of other things to do there.
Moreover it is possible to enjoy all the other riches of Umbria: there are many fascinating places nearby such as Perugia, Assisi, Spello, Torgiano, Gubbio, Todi, Norcia, Lake Trasimeno and a myriad of other towns, monuments and sites. It is possible to organise excursions and trips by request.

There aren't a lot of rooms available at the Melograno, and because of this, all possible attention is given to the decoration of the rooms so that you can relax in silence and comfort. All the independent services come with the room. The rooms are furnished with authentic pieces of simple art, perfectly coherent to the culture and the style of the country house.
Every room is personalised with authentic images of farm life from the past and hand-painted ceramics panels.

The Melograno is the guardian of the best Umbrian cuisine. Our chefs have a simple cooking style, but the food is delicious and sure to satisfy the palate. Everything is selected with care: the ingredients are products acquired directly from local farmers that we trust with a proven reliability.
In the kitchen you will not find cooks given over to experimentations or who just follow the book. Instead you will be surprised by our old but experienced staff who still make hand-made pasta and and pastry by hand. They prepare these dishes according to the secrets passed on to them by their grandmothers and mothers. Everything is authentic following the original recipes be it in the pasta dishes, the vegetable soups, the roast meat cooked with firewood, the typical ´torta al testo´ and many other delights.

In reality, the traditions at the Melograno need not be rediscovered as the typical products (from the beginning of time) have been made and conserved following ancient recipes using genuine ingredients that are cultivated in an absolutely natural way.
The most valued products are the rich flavoured extra virgin olive-oil, the different flavoured jams (conservatives and colouring free), the purÈed and conserved tomatoes used as tasty and fresh condiments, and the honey. These are some of the exquisite and delicious products that can be acquired there directly.
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Holiday Farmhouse Il Melograno
Strada Colle Palazzone
Pianello -
Perugia - Umbria - Italy
Tel. e Fax +39 75 602752


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