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Farmhouse Le Giare

Roccella Ionica, Reggio Calabria - Calabria - Italy


The Riviera dei Gelsomini, named after the perfumed jasmine flowers that are to be found in abundance, covers the stretch of the coast on the Ionian Sea from Brancaleone to Monasterace, in the province of Reggio Calabria. Although the area is unspoiled by mass tourism, it is a veritable treasure trove in terms of history, art and natural beauty. Visitors can choose to explore Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Norman historical sites, to find out about the history of the people who have inhabited this part of Italy. More than a thousand or two thousand years later their heritage is still in evidence among the local people whose speech sounds more like Greek and Latin, and for whom hospitality, alongside food and the family, is sacred.
Agriclub Le Giare is situated in an ideal position to get the most out of a holiday in this part of Italy: 4 km from Gioiosa Jonica (with a marina) and Roccella Jonica (an eighteenth-century fortified town); 10 km from Locri Epizefiri (archaeological excavations), 20 km from Gerace (a mediaeval town and a fine heritage site), 30 km from Stilo (where the wonderful Byzantine church, La Cattolica, is to be found). A little further afield are such places as: Bivongi (the Marmarico waterfall and the Byzantine monastery of San Giovanni Theresti, 40 km away); Samo (source of the Verde River, 40 km); Serra Santo Bruno (a Benedictine chartreuse, 80 km); Palmi (Ethnographic Museum, 45 km); Scilla (fishing village and Ulysses' rock, 70 km); and the regional capital Reggio Calabria (Strait of Messina, the Riace Bronzes and archaeological museum, 100 km).

The farm's guest accommodation comprises 10 independent apartments of varying size and layout (one-room, two-room and three-room apartments), which can sleep a maximum of 40 people. The buildings are scattered here and there in peaceful verdant surroundings and each has its own patio with a view of the countryside. They are comfortably furnished and have fully equipped kitchens.

The farm restaurant belongs to the category of "Convivial Farm-Holiday Restaurants" ("Ristoro Agrituristico Conviviale") by Agriturist (the National Association for Farm Holidays, the Environment and the Territory). In order to qualify for this status the restaurant must meet specific regulatory standards and requirements:
- a prevalence of home-produced ingredients in the preparation of food
- the Agriturismo should be small-scale and welcoming.
- the food should reflect local traditions.
Some examples of the traditional fare on offer are: meat balls, parmigiana di melanzane (aubergine with parmesan, tomatoes and mozzarella), cianfotta alla calabrese (pan-fried mixed vegetables), fried zucchini flowers, maccheroni seasoned with a sauce made from goat, tagliolini with swordfish and aubergine, roast lamb and pork, pescestocco alla ghiotta (salt cod alla ghiotta), and involtini di spatola e pescespada (swordfish and scabbard fish parcels).

Facilities and Activities
On the farm, Swimming pool, Tennis, Table tennis, Games room, Cookery courses, Diving courses, Off the farm, Excursions, Diving, Hiking

Home produce oil, fruit (lemons, oranges, tangerines, figs, pomegranates), vegetables (peppers, chillies, tomatoes, courgettes, aubergines, racket), grapes
meat: pork, goat, chicken, salami (capicollo, salamini, lard, soppressata)
liqueurs and digestifs (made with lemon, tangerine, bay, basil, wild fennel, mint, cinnamon, liquorice)

Farmhouse Agriclub Le Giare
S.S. 106 km 111
89100 - Roccella Ionica - Reggio Calabria - Calabria - Italy
Tel.: +39 0964 85170 (+39) 06 4746180
- Fax (+39) 0964 866334
Mobile (+39)347 4364567

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