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Farm Holidays Accomodation
Cascina Pistone

Gorzegno, Cuneo - Piemonte - Italy

Living a day, a week end or more in a farm holidays means to go back to the origins, to the land, to savour the delights that it offers.
In the silent and fascination of the Langhe, Cascina Pistone is part of an exceptional natural environment where peace reigns.
It is the paradise of long walks, genuine home- made products, white roads and meadows full of yellow flowers.
It is the realm of dandelion (taraxacum officinale), a plant used since ancient times for its unquestionable properties that also the official medicine acknowledges as a long life elixir.
To our hosts we offer the possibility to see alive, in the surroundings of our farmhouse, wild boars, pheasants, hare, badgers, hawk, mallards and other animals.

Our Products
Our products and animals are cultivated and bred with complete natural methods. Our chickens, rabbits, turkeys, ducks, goose, take a long time to grow up but, when you will taste them, you will find the past times flavours. Our pigs live in the open and you will notice that when youíll eat our meat and salami. Our sheep and goats help us to fight against the infesting weed and they supply excellent milk. Our bees produce different types of very good honey. Our snails (Helix Pomatia) are bred, following the complete biological cycle, in fencing in the open and they are cooked in various ways. The products of our vegetable garden, together with spelt, barley, wheat, provide what a vegetarian menu needs. Strawberries, walnuts, hazelnuts supply the dessert.

The horses
About 200 meters far from the Cascina, there is the stable of the farm holidays. Five valuable racehorses (English riding) are at the disposal of our guests for wonderful walks in the neighbourhood and in the wood. Who wants to learn riding can learn the techniques and secrets of horse riding.

The Restaurant
It is open to public on reservation (closed on Monday) and it can accommodate until 25 people. You will taste the characteristic cooking, plates based on snail and on our products, vegetarian menu.
Prices: 30.000 - 45.000 It. lire

The Rooms

1 two-roomed flat (3 beds) with autonomous kitchen
2 rooms with 2 beds
1 room with 4 beds
All the rooms have their own bathroom and it is possible to add 1 bed for an under 15 guest.

Some useful information:
Province of Cuneo
Inhabitants: 441
Total area: 13,78 square kilometres
High: 319 m
Name of the inhabitants: Gorzegnesi
Patron saint festivity: Madonna della neve
Neighbouring towns: Levice, Prunetto, Niella Belbo, Feisoglio
Distance from Cuneo: 76 km

Agriturismo Cascina Pistone
di Riccardo Meris Loc. Valletto, 2
12070 Gorzegno - Cuneo - Piedmont - Italy
tel. e fax (+39) 017386035

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